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Monogram is a luxury appliance brand that is known for creating professional-grade appliances for in-home use. Their appliances are beautifully designed and manufactured with high-quality materials.

Priority Appliance Service is an Authorized Monogram Service Depot that provides residential Monogram appliance repair for appliances both in-warranty and out-of-warranty.

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Priority Appliance Service is an Authorized Service Depot for Monogram appliance repair. We proudly serve Vancouver and surrounding areas for in-warranty and out-of-warranty appliances.

If you are the proud owner of a Monogram appliance, you know that they provide first-class service with certified technicians when repairs or maintenance is required.

As a Monogram Service Depot, our technicians are certified and trained thoroughly in error codes, product details, and more to ensure they provide first-class Monogram appliance repair.

Appliance Repair Vancouver

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Priority Appliance Service provides service and repairs to all Monogram appliances. 

Refrigerators are essential to modern life, so it can be a big problem when yours stops cooling. If you need dependable Monogram Refrigerator repair, Priority Appliance Service has a team of certified technicians for the job. Our technicians have experience in these Monogram refrigerator repair issues and more:

  • Monogram Refrigerator Not Cooling
  • Monogram Refrigerator Controls Not Working
  • Temperature Not Stable
  • Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

Don’t let a broken freezer stop you in your tracks. Contact the Monogram freezer repair experts at Priority Appliance Service. Our factory-authorized technicians are trained in all the most common freezer repair issues and more. 

  • Freezer Not Cooling
  • Freezer Not Making Ice
  • Freezer Not Cold Enough
  • Freezer Won’t Defrost
  • Door Seal Is Loose
  • And Much More!

TIP: If your GE Monogram Freezer Won’t Defrost, contact an authorized servicer prior to defrosting the unit. In some cases, your technician will want to examine the freezer as-is to confirm the repair problem.

Is your Monogram dishwasher leaking or just not cleaning as well as it should be? A dishwasher that’s not working correctly can cause a cascade of issues, including dishes that start piling up in the sink. Before you start handwashing your dishes, call Priority Appliance Service, and our team of certified technicians will diagnose and repair your GE Monogram dishwasher fast! Our team is familiar with these Monogram dishwasher repair issues:

  •  Dishwasher Not Cleaning Top Rack
  •  Dishwasher Not Draining
  •  Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes
  •  Dishwasher Leaving Dishes Dirty
  • And More!

Monogram ovens bring luxury dining experiences home to help you create the perfect meal. If your Monogram oven isn’t heating or the control panel isn’t working, dinner time can be far from perfect. Whatever the issue, Priority Appliance Service is proud to be an Authorized Service Depot for all Monogram oven repairs. Our technicians are certified to provide first-class service to match your first-class oven. Our technicians are trained in these Monogram Oven Repair issues and more:

  • Oven Not Heating
  • Oven Control Panel Not Working
  • Oven Not Turning On
  • Oven Not Cooking Evenly
  • And More!

When your Monogram range is on the fritz, it can be a huge interruption to your day. Our expert technicians can get your range up and running with minimal downtime in most cases. Check out these repair tips prior to calling for service.

Common Monogram Range Repair Tips

Are you experiencing one of these common range failures?

Monogram Stove Won’t LightIf your stove won’t light, the issue may be as simple as removing debris or liquid. If you’ve recently cleaned your stove or had a pot boil over, liquid may be trapped in the igniter, preventing it from lighting. Use a Q-tip, paper clip, and soft cloth to dry the burner and remove trapped debris. Wait 30 minutes to allow it to dry completely. If it still won’t ignite, contact a certified servicer for a repair diagnosis.

Range Won’t Stop Clicking: Hearing multiple burners clicking when igniting a single burner is considered normal. However, if the burner igniters are clicking when set in the OFF position, the knob may not be turned completely off. Make sure the knob is set to the OFF position and the knob has popped out. If the knob is stuck, it may cause intermittent clicking.

When your Monogram rangetop or cooktop stops working, contact the experts at Priority Appliance Service. Our team of certified technicians has experience with these Monogram Rangetop & Cooktop Repairs:

  • Range Won’t Ignite
  • Cracked Cooktop
  • Range Clicking
  • Cooktop Won’t Heat
  • And Much More!

Cooking is a great way to bring people together; whether you’re cooking for yourself or your family, a range hood is necessary to remove cooking fumes and odors. If your Monogram range hood fans don’t turn on, you need Monogram range hood repair fast! Our certified technicians diagnose and repair these Monogram rang hood issues:

  • Monogram Range Hood Fans Won’t Turn On
  • Monogram Range Hood Filter Replacement
  • Monogram Range Hood Making Excessive Noise
  • And More!

Monogram Appliance Repair FAQs

As an authorized Service Depot we are experts in all kinds of Monogram appliance repair issues. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

To clean the interior of your Monogram oven, use a soft cloth, mild soap, and water to wipe clean any spills or food particles. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. 

To clean the exterior of your stainless steel oven, use warm sudsy water or a stainless steel cleaner. Be sure to wipe the surface in the same direction of the grain. 

You should inspect and clean your Monogram dishwasher filters periodically to prevent clogs and other issues. 

To clean the filters start by removing the bottom rack. 

  • Twist the Ultra-Fine filter clockwise to lift and remove.
  • Rinse it with warm soapy water and use a sponge to carefully remove any remaining particles.
  • Twist the two retaining posts near the back counterclockwise and remove the Fine Filter.
  • Rinse with warm soapy water.
  • Replace the filters and bottom rack.

Monogram recommends cleaning the filters every month or more depending on how often the dishwasher is used.

When it is time to replace the filter, an indicator will illuminate orange on the temperature control panel to notify you replacement is needed. 

To remove the old filter, slowly turn it to the left. Insert the new filter by lining up the arrow on the cartridge with the arrow on the cartridge holder and slowly turn it to the right. Turn it until the filter stops turning. 

On the temperature control panel, press and hold “Reset Water Filter.”

Monogram Appliance Repair

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