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Priority Appliance Service is proud to be Miele’s Premium Service Partner in Vancouver. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional Miele appliance repair for refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, washers, dryers, and more. Contact us for all your Miele service needs, and rest assured that your problem will be resolved by the area’s leading Miele repair experts.

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Risk-Free Miele Appliance Repair

If we can’t fix it, receive a Miele Service Credit to purchase a new appliance! This means that Miele will credit your new purchase for the entire amount of your service charge.

Miele Service in Metro Vancouver

In 2012 Miele appointed Priority Appliance Service as their exclusive Premium Service Partner for the Metro Vancouver area.

Here at Priority Appliance Service we strive to set the industry standard for customer service provided by our trained, qualified, expert Miele repair technicians. We service Miele appliances in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Ladner, Delta, Tsawwassen, White Rock, Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and the Fraser Valley.

Appliance Repair Vancouver

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As a Miele factory-trained Premium Service Partner, we offer trusted warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on the following Miele appliances. When you choose us, rest assured that your Miele appliance repair​ is risk-free. If we can’t fix it, receive a Miele Service Credit to purchase a new appliance! This means that Miele will credit your new purchase for the entire amount of your service charge.

Miele is famous for their dishwashers! In a world of increasing energy regulations, Miele dishwashers continue to stand out for their quietness and performance. If your Miele dishwasher requires service or maintenance, you can trust the team at Priority Appliance Service has the tools and experience needed to get your Miele Dishwasher repaired and back to washing your dishes for you, so you have more time to spend with your friends and family or tackle those other chores. If your Miele Dishwasher requires repair, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

Whether you have an Electric Cooktop, Gas Cooktop, Induction Cooktop or a Combiset, Priority Appliance Service can help you keep your cooking appliances operating properly and efficiently. We are committed to providing trusted, reliable high-quality repairs. Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

Priority Appliance Service is proud to be the factory trained and certified experts to service your Miele Gas or Electric Range, Stove, and Range Top. Whether the issue is a gas burner that won’t ignite or an element not heating, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

Miele has an extensive line of amazing cooking appliances, however even the most amazing appliances still break down. If your Miele Wall Oven, Speed Oven, Steam Oven, Combination Oven, Microwave Oven or Warming Drawer or isn’t heating or working to your satisfaction, please call Priority Appliance Service to schedule a service call.

Built-in appliances may require special care to remove from the installation for servicing. Our technicians carry an “oven dolly” in their trucks designed to keep your Miele oven and kitchen safe and save you considerable time and money because in most cases two technicians are no longer needed. Whether your door doesn’t close tightly enough or your oven’s unable to maintain a consistent temperature, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

Whether you decided to buy a built-in coffee machine or a freestanding countertop coffee machine from Miele, there’s one thing for sure, your coffee is important to you! Priority Appliance Service loves our own Miele coffee machine too, we understand! If your Miele coffee maker requires repair or maintenance, Priority Appliance Service has the parts, tools, and supplies on hand and is ready to help restore your caffeine levels. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

As the owner of a stylish Miele Refrigerator, Freezer, or Bottom-Mount Fridge and Freezer keeping your food fresh is extremely important. Whether your refrigerator is having trouble cooling or your icemaker isn’t making ice, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

Maintaining that perfect temperature to store and age your favorite wine is paramount to bring out its true characteristics and full flavor. If your Miele Wine Cellar needs service, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help. Please contact our dispatch team to open a service call.

For generations, Miele washing machines have been known for their thorough yet gentle care of fabrics. Having more experience than almost any other appliance company in the market, Miele has taken the washing machine in Europe, and around the world, to the highest level of durability, reliability and convenience, while always trying to minimize the effects on the environment. Is your Miele Washer leaking, or maybe your Dryer isn’t heating properly? If your Miele Washer or Dryer needs maintenance or service, please contact our dispatch team to open a service call. If your Miele Washer and Dryer is stacked in a tight area, please let us know when you schedule.

We all love the aromas that come out of a kitchen when good things are happening, however sometimes there’s too much of a good thing, and you depend on your Miele Hood Fan or Downdraft Fan to get some of that cooking smell outside where your neighbors can appreciate it too! Remember that running your Miele ventilation at a low speed while cooking is important for ensuring that the exhaust gas from your Miele gas appliance goes outside where it belongs! If your Miele Hood Fan or Downdraft Fan isn’t sucking properly, Priority Appliance Service is ready to help.

Miele Appliance Repair & Service

As a Miele factory trained Premium Service Partner, Priority Appliance Service offers trusted, reliable, high quality warranty and out of warranty repairs on the following Miele appliances.
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Miele Appliance FAQs

As a Miele Premium Service Partner, we have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to Miele appliances. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service and support, which includes answering any questions or concerns they may have about their Miele products. Check out these answers to commonly asked questions about Miele home appliances:

Priority Appliance Service is the Miele Premium Service Partner in Vancouver & Fraser Valley. 

It’s important to choose a company properly trained and equipped to repair your Miele appliance. Miele appliances are designed with built-in diagnostic functions that require proprietary Miele interface tools and information in order to properly diagnose and repair. A Priority Appliance technician will arrive with the needed tools and computer applications ready to quickly diagnose and repair your appliance saving you time and money. This is one of the many advantages of using a Miele Premium Service Partner.

Priority Appliance Service stocks many of the parts for your Miele Range, Oven, Dishwasher, Cooktop, Coffee Machine, Refrigerator, Ventilation and Wine Conditioning, Washing Machine, and Dryer in order to pursue our goal of arriving at your home with the tools and parts that may be needed to complete your repair on the first visit.

Founded in 1899, Miele has set the standard on durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design, and service for over 100 years. Continuous development and improvement are the basis of all business activities at Miele. The numerous prizes and awards that Miele has received are proof that this is a successful strategy for Miele.

Miele has remained true to its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise – this means that Miele will do all that they can to be ‘forever better’ than their competitors and ‘forever better’ than they already are.

But why are Miele appliances so special?

#1. Miele appliances are known for their exceptional durability, outlasting many competitors.

#2. Miele appliances have sleek and elegant design features, which add sophistication to any home decor.

#3. The intuitive interface and ease of use make Miele appliances a top choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and style.

A Miele dishwasher can last as long as 20 years or longer! Miele dishwashers are known for their longevity, which makes them a very popular choice and well worth the investment. Standard dishwashers typically have a life cycle of 8-10 years, making Miele dishwashers last TWICE as long as their competition. 

To clean your Miele oven, it’s important to use the right cleaning products and methods to avoid damaging the appliance. Miele recommends using mild detergents or cleaning products specifically designed for use with ovens. DO NOT use oven cleaners on your Miele oven, as this will damage the non-stick coating.

Do not use abrasive sponges or cleaning agents, as these can scratch or damage the oven’s surfaces. For regular cleaning, a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent can be used to wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces of the oven.

For more thorough cleaning, Miele offers a range of cleaning products specifically designed for use with their ovens, such as oven cleaner and oven spray. These products are specially formulated to dissolve tough stains and grime without damaging the oven’s surfaces. Always refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

No, a service appointment is not required to change the water filter in your Miele refrigerator. In most cases, you can change the water filter on your own by following the instructions in your user manual.

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Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling a service call, either in person or online.  Please provide your appliance brand name, model & serial number if possible, and a good description of the trouble. Having an accurate model and serial number allows our technicians to come better prepared, saving everyone time and money!

Use our helpful online service request anytime, or call during business hours.

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